Before the retreat

Retreatants may arrive for registration at the meditation center on the 10th at 8:30 -11:00am of each month at the latest. Please arrive on time at 8:30am.

On these days they have the opportunity register, to settle in to the dorm accommodation, look around the monastery, familiarize with the facilities, and go into town to finalize purchases and travel bookings. There is no opportunity to do these activities during the retreat.


Registration has to be in person. Advanced booking is not possible.
There are no facilities for postal, telephone, email or website bookings.

We strictly adhere to the “first come, first serve” principle. To be sure of a place on the retreat we advise you to arrive on the 10th of the month between 8:30 – 11:30am. Places are allocated on arrival and everyone has the same opportunity. We have a maximum of 60 people.

          All you need to bring

  1. 2-inch photos of the two of you.
  2. A copy of the passport page with your records.

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It is important to clear all commitments for the period of the retreat. All phone calls, e-mail, letters, tickets, flight confirmations, money changing, visa extensions etc. must be arranged and organised before the silent retreat begins on the 11th at 5:00 p.m..

A meditation retreat can be both mentally and physicaly very challenging. All participants must be in good general health, both physically and mentally. The retreat is not suitable for people with mental disorders or drug addictions. It’s recommended to be well restedbefore the start of the retreat.

We strongly advise all participants to read the retreat guidelines.

What to bring:

Loose clothing such as fisherman pants and t-shirts

Flip-flops or slippers

Personal toiletries

(sanitary napkins or tampons, shaving gear, toothpaste and brush, etc.)



Washing powder etc.

Mosquito repellent


Clothing should be clean and cover body from the shoulders to below the knees, including the upper arms. No see-through clothing please. It is not necessary to dress in white during the retreat. Clothes are hand washed during the breaks. Please bring washing powder.

A mosquito net and fresh bedding are provided by the centre.