Special needs when attending meditation

We will try our best to make your stay at KowTahm as convenient as possible. However it is not possible to cater to everybody’s little needs and wants. The best approach is to let go of what you are clinging to if it is a source of suffering.

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There is welcom Thai food   for the participates  on the first day of activities and farewell food for the final day.

The food provided is ovo-lacto vegetarian which means it might contain eggs and milk. Sadly it is not possible to cater for strict a vegan diet. Chili pepper and other spices are used in the cooking.

If you have special dietary needs due to illness or allergies, please contact to confirm that the kitchen staff will be able to accommodate them.
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Retreatants with physical disabilities or injuries will find there are many different sitting options, including meditation stools, chairs, cushions and mats in many sizes, that will hopefully allow for a satisfactory meditation experience.